“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernard Shaw

I spent years of my life wondering what my purpose was.  I did everything I thought I was supposed to do to be happy.  I got married, got a dog, had kids and worked hard to climb up the corporate ladder.  But something was missing.  So, while working full time with 2 small children at home, I completed my yoga teacher training and became a holistic nutritionist (over a few years).  Then, I took a leap of faith, quit the corporate world and decided to open my own business in the wellness industry.

It sounds great in theory but it took 2 years of roller coaster emotions, dealing with self doubt and sabotaging myself.  I thought I had to be perfect, look perfect and eat perfect to be able to help others with their own nutrition.  I worried every day that I wasn’t good enough and didn’t know enough.  I didn’t have any clear goals and actually felt that I didn’t have any clarity at all.  But when I really, and I mean, really, peeled the layers back I realized I kept wanting the same thing every year.  I knew what my purpose was – I was just ignoring it because I was …. afraid.  And that fear kept me in a stagnant place.

I didn’t always have fun.  I wasn’t always honest and I definitely wasn’t real.

  • I was trying to be perfect, not authentic.
  • I was sabotaging myself instead of honouring myself.
  • I was too worried about what everyone else thought.
  • I didn’t know how to manage my stress.
  • I compared myself to others.
  • I was so caught up in the ‘what ifs’ that I wasn’t having fun!

Since then, I have become really clear on what I want to create in my life….. for me, and no one else.  I feel the fear still but I try to push through it in order to live a life I love, to laugh more and to inspire other women to do the same.

I’ve learned how to take care of myself in a way that’s right for me, for my lifestyle and for my own goals.  This is different for everybody.  We all have biochemically unique bodies, different lifestyles, values, experiences and thoughts.

I’ve learned to let go of perfection and judgement – they don’t serve me.

I’ve learned not to compare myself to others because we all have unique skill sets and struggles.

I try everyday to see the greatness within me and to fight those self sabotaging monsters that say I’m not good enough, I’m too fat, I’m a failure, I don’t deserve to live a life I love.  They don’t control me like they used to.

Life is short and it really is a gift.  My wish for you is that you stop wasting time, learn to see how amazing you really are, honour yourself and create a life you absolutely love.


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