Feeling Well In A Stressed Out World

Want to know what really scares me?  Illness.  It saddens me too.  When I look around and see mothers that are only 30 or 40 years old dying of cancer …. that scares me.  I live in a small city and women everywhere around me are getting cancer.  All different kinds of cancer at all different ages.  When I look around and see children dying of illness before they even have had the chance to live a full life, that scares me and I think what is this world coming to?  Why are we so sick?  Why are we so unwell?

It seems tragic to me.  Unfair.  Cruel.

Everyone knows that stress is toxic.  Stress causes illness.  Diet can also contribute to illness.  Toxins are everywhere around us.  In our food, in the air we breathe, in the products we use, even in our thoughts.

We are a society that is nutrient depleted, stressed out and unwell.  We don’t have the luxury they did 100 years ago where food was harvested in soil that was mineral rich, where crops were rotated, food was delivered locally if not grown in their backyard.  It wasn’t covered in pesticides.  It wasn’t genetically modified.

No matter how healthy you eat, you are already at a disadvantage compared to 100 years ago.

But now, on top of whole foods being hardly nutritious, we lack time and yearn for convenience.  Fast food is the go to for many busy families.

With most households having both parents working, this puts additional stress on the family unit.  Everybody is busy.  Working, school, sports, homework – we have overcommitted ourselves to the outside world with leaving very little energy left for our inside world.  Taking care of ourselves.  I mean holistically – body, mind and spirit.   It may come off as new age to some people but if your mind is not well your body won’t be well.  If your thoughts are not well, you will not be well.

You have to fight every day for wellness.  You have to eat as clean as possible, limit the amount of toxins, fix your digestive health, re-train any toxic thoughts, exercise, play and have fun.  I make it sound so simple, right?  But over the course of my blog, I hope I help you take little steps every day towards a better you!


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